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Job Id : 20180516-141851
Employer : QJD Pekingduck (Markham) Restaurant Ltd.
Title : specialist chef
Job Category : Cooks & Kitchen Helpers
Posting Date : May 16, 2018
Expiry date : June 15, 2018
Vacancies : 1
: QJD Pekingduck is a franchise restaurant from China, specializing in roasted Peking duck and some traditional Chinese dishes. Specialist chef's main duties is: carving roasted ducks and producing pancake and some imperial Chinese dim sum.

specialist chef

The duties of specialist chef: Carving roasted peking ducks in 98 pcs (2pcs more or less); resposible for producing pancake and traditional imperial Chinese sim sum. 

Full time job.

More than 10 years working experience of Peking duck.

Contact informations: 

address: QJD Pekingduck (Markham) Restaurant Ltd.

             7095 woodbine avenue, markham, ON, L3R 1A3, TEL:905-604-7798

E-mail:,  contact person: Frank Zhang, 416-786-8880