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WorkDirectory.ca (company: Work Directory Canada Ltd.) is already known as a popular job portal in Canada. We have been providing free job postings facilities for Canadian employers since 2008.  Our reputation for high-quality has brought WorkDirectory.ca to a prominent position as the preferred source for job seekers and employers in Canada. Our new website provides many new features and is much easier to browse. Our current employer site has two options, one is a premium paid job posting with all the site features and other is unlimited free job postings with limitations.

What we believe

We will achieve continued growth of the site in Canada, USA and other countries. Employee satisfaction, and financial success are our biggest priorities, while maintaining an ethical commitment to our team, customers and the community.

We thank you for your cooperation and using our services.

Work Directory Canada Ltd.

Ph: 1.647.341.9119
Email: info@WorkDirectory.ca