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Job Id : 20181106-210748
Employer : Solero Mediterranean Bakery
Title : Baker, specialty foods (Artisan/Balkan/Mediterranean)
Job Category : Others
Posting Date : November 06, 2018
Expiry date : December 06, 2018
Vacancies : 1
: ethnic bakery

Baker, specialty foods (Artisan/Balkan/Mediterranean)

Baker, specialty foods (Artisan/Balkan/Mediterranean)

Permanent, regular, Full time, 40 hours per week, Salary $20/hour           


Prepare and knead dough for traditional hand-made Balkan pastries such as burek and rolled up pie from scratch, mixing ingredients in determined proportions, adding spices/additives etc depending on the type of dough, adjusting the ingredients depending of type of material

checking and adjusting the consistency/taste as required for the assortment of pastries in accordance to traditional recipes in Balkan/Mediterranean baking

Prepare and apply filling  

Operate machinery and baking equipment such as mixer, rolling, internal rounding machine, divider, baking machinery

Control the baking process to ensure proper duration, temperature, moisture, etc of baking and draw own production schedule to meet the quantity requirements

Determine schedule of baking to allow smooth production in the bakery in accordance to the requirements of the individual products

Ensure the high quality of baked product

 Control inventory

  Prepare special orders /custom orders

 follow safety and hygiene procedures

Requirements:   Minimum 3-5 years of experience in preparation and baking of traditional Balkan pastries. Ability to make minimum 80 burek pitas per shift /or 10 psc per hour


Solero Mediterranean Bakery

3029 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M6B 1Z5, tel. 416 763-2562

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