Job Id : 20190210-032952
Employer : Paul Stephen Thornburn
Title : Nanny for my Step Daughter Marie Nicole
Salary : $14.50
Job Category : Caregiver & Nanny
Posting Date : February 09, 2019
Expiry date : June 10, 2019
Vacancies : 1

Nanny for my step daughter

Nanny for my Step Daughter Marie Nicole

Taking care of the needs and safety of my daughter Marie Nicole’s is the main priority of the nanny.

She will start working late afternoon at 5:00 pm in getting ready picking up my daughter from school.

Accompany her to her outside school activities and supervise and assist her home works, teach and encourage her to learn new things and keep her occupied. Prepare her dinner.

Discipline her according to our style.

If time permits, nanny will do the cleaning, laundry and general upkeep of the house. Nanny shift will end at 12:00 midnight.

Education: The nanny must have at least grade 12.

Experience: At least one year to two years’ experience in childcare or related care and or six months caregiver course

Salary offer: $14.50

Employer : The Thornburn   


Preference to Canadians, new immigrants, aboriginals, youth, older workers and people with disabilities