Job Id : 20170830-192858
Employer : Li Shen
Title : Nanny for the Chen Family
Job Category : Caregiver & Nanny
Posting Date : September 08, 2017
Deadline : January 08, 2018
Vacancies : 1

Hiring Nanny

Nanny for the Chen Family

Nanny will supervise and care for two children, bathe, dress and feed.

Prepare children for rest periods.

Prepare craft materials and assist children use them.

Nanny will instruct them in personal hygiene and social development.

Nanny will read to children, prepare and serve nutritious meals.

Nanny will change diaper as necessary

Performs light housekeeping and cleaning duties.

Assume full responsibility for household in the absence of parents.

Travel with family on trips and assist with children in the home.

Tend to emotional well-being of children.

Discipline children according to the methods requested by the parents.

Keep records of daily activities and health information regarding children.

Skill Requirements  ( Education and Experience): At  least grade 12 and one year to two years experienced in childcare or related care.

Salary Offer: $12.00

Benefits being offered: Workers Compensation Board

Employer: The Chen  

 Location of work: W 20th  , Vancouver BC V6L1G5

Preference to Canadians, new immigrants, aboriginals, youth, older workers and people with disabilities.