Job Id : 20170830-194402
Employer : Maria Jenna Marinescu
Title : Nanny for the Marinescu Family
Job Category : Caregiver & Nanny
Posting Date : September 08, 2017
Deadline : January 08, 2018
Vacancies : 1

Nanny hiring

Nanny for the Marinescu Family

Nanny’s main priority is looking after the needs and safety of my son. 

Nanny will prepare his breakfast, lunchbox and snacks.

Encourage his to get ready for school. Drop his off to school.

In the afternoon will pick up my son from school.

Nanny will accompany my son to his outside school activities & assist his home works and keeps him occupied.

Nanny will teach & discipline him  .Prepare his dinner and if time permits will do the cleaning, laundry & general upkeep of the house.

Name of Employer: The Marinescu

Location of Work:  Gaston Street Vancouver, BC V5R 6C7

Terms of employment: Full time, permanent and long term.

Wage: $12.00       Work Schedule: Split hours and flexible.                         

Benefits package being offered: Workers Compensation Board

Skills and Education requirements: Must have at least grade 12 and one year childcare related experienced or six months caregiver course.

Preference to Canadians, new immigrants, aboriginals, youth and older workers and person with disabilities.