Job Id : 20171006-052707
Employer : Biraj Kumar Bora
Title : Nanny for the Bora Family
Job Category : Child Care
Posting Date : October 06, 2017
Deadline : January 04, 2018
Vacancies : 1
: Nanny hiring

Nanny for the Bora Family

Taking care of the needs and safety of my son is the main priority of the nanny. Prepare milk and feed, give a bath, groom, sing songs, read books, teach and keep him occupied. 

Bring him to the parks, community center, library and other educational place. Arrange playdates with other children on his age. Put him to a nap in a scheduled time.

If time permits will do the cleaning, laundry and general upkeep of the house. 

Benefits being offered: Workers Compensation Board 

Salary Offer: $12.00 an hour 

Terms of Employment: Full time and long term 

Skills and Education Requirements: At least one year to two years experienced. 

Must have at least grade 12 in education or some secondary 

Employer:  Biraj Bora 

Work Location:  Vancouver, BC V6K1Y5 

Local Applicants only. 

Preference to Canadians, new immigrants, aboriginals, youth, older workers and people with disabilities.